SPHEIR Project — Sierra Leone
The #SPHEIR project Assuring Quality in Higher Education in Sierra Leone.
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Academic staff and industry stakeholders laughing as they play “two truths, one lie” to get to know each other better.

A national networking event in which gathered Sierra Leone’s academics and industry stakeholders in the commerce and management sector on the 26th of November 2020 was a roaring success.

This event, organised by the Assuring Quality in Higher Education in Sierra Leone (AQHEd-SL) project at the Sierra Bay Hotel in Freetown, brought together stakeholders and academics to strengthen relationships and encourage increased and sustainable collaboration in research, teaching and development.

The project has been engaging industry experts and professionals in the Management, STEM, Health and Agriculture sectors for over two years to reform undergraduate programmes. The purpose of the feedback…

Equipping higher-education teachers with new teaching and learning strategies to address skills gaps among students is a core part of the AQHEd-SL project in Sierra Leone. Suzanne Thomas shares some lessons about what works.

President Bio is leading his government in prioritising human capital development in Sierra Leone. It has long been recognised that the economic health of the nation depends on the human resources available in both public and private sectors. Dissatisfaction with the availability of good quality graduates has prompted a critical review of the current state of higher education.

The Assuring Quality in Higher Education in Sierra…

How do you support the development of critical thinking skills when a pandemic stops face-to-face engagement and internet infrastructure is fragile? Veronika Schaeffler discusses how INASP has adapted its support to higher education in Sierra Leone this year.

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With so much information and misinformation available today, it is very important for people to be able to evaluate the trustworthiness of what they hear and read and to ask questions to dig more deeply. …

There’s often a mismatch between the courses that universities deliver, and the skills that employers and society really need. Find out how SPHEIR’s AQHEd-SL partnership is tackling this with an innovative approach to employer engagement in Sierra Leone.

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AQHEd-SL Project Task Force members, together with Sierra Leone’s Minister of Technical and Higher Education Prof Aiah Gbakima (third from the right, front row).

Around the world, university courses are often perceived as being mismatched or ‘out of sync’ with the needs of employers and society. There’s a feeling that universities aren’t quite doing enough to prepare students for employment or to help students develop vital transferable skills (critical-thinking, communications, digital etc) and specialist skills.

The causes of this mismatch vary from one university and degree…

Samuel Weekes, Project Director, Assuring Quality Higher Education in Sierra Leone

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Since 2018, higher-education institutions across Sierra Leone have been working together in new ways to improve the quality of higher education in the country, with the ultimate aim of preparing graduates for better opportunities in the job market.

The Assuring Quality Higher Education in Sierra Leone (AQHEd-SL) partnership arose from a recognition from employers that graduates lacked some of the skills that they need for employment after university — skills such as critical thinking, being able to work independently, being able to make good decisions in the workplace, communication…

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